The DANTO Group’s
Code of Conduct


Article 1

We will pursue customer satisfaction and ensure safety and security.

Article 2

We will provide genuine products and services.

Article 3

We will strive to ensure our corporate activities are environmentally friendly.


Article 4

We will improve corporate value and appropriately distribute profits to shareholders. By doing so, we will live up to shareholder expectations and aim to run the business with their long-term trust.

Article 5

We will disclose information regarding the company at appropriate times and in an appropriate manner.


Article 6

We will work to ensure our employees have comfortable and fulfilling lives.

Article 7

We will aim to create a safe and pleasant workplace.

Article 8

We will abide by the law.

Article 9

We will remain ethical and act in ways that conform to social norms.


Article 10

We will contribute to the development of the local economy and culture.

Article 11

We will not allocate any profit to anti-social groups.

In general

Article 12

We will conduct corporate activities with integrity and remain a highly transparent company.